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  • How to setup Philips Hue with Amazon Alexa
  • How to install a Philips Hue starter kit
  • How to install Ring Video Doorbell Pro
  • How to Install a Wired Camera System
    IMPORTANT - This video shows how to install any camera system properly though it specifically is for a POE system with POE Cameras (Power Over Ethernet) and a NVR (Network Video Recorder). These only require 1 CAT-5 Connection for each camera. If you have DVR then please also watch the installing a DVR video to see the difference.
  • Troubleshooting Wi-Fi or WiFi
  • How to install Philips Hue Lightstrip plus
  • Pairing a Room Sensor with Ecobee Thermostat
  • How to install Nest Protect (Battery)
  • Setting up Linksys Velop Wi-Fi or WiFi
  • Setup Sonos Beam
  • Install Ring Stick Up Cam Wired in 15 Minutes
  • Setting up Google Wi-Fi or WiFi
  • How to pair Hue light with a dimmer switch to your bridge
  • How to terminate a CAT5e cable with a RJ45 connector
    IMPORTANT - Always Test Cable after termination using your cable tester. Cable can look like it will work but won't due to difficult to spot issues. If cable doesn't test properly then cut off connector and repeat termination process. #1 Issue with Cat5e connections is that they are not terminated properly.
  • How to install the Nest Thermostat E
  • Alexa Control Setup of an EZVIZ Camera System
    Link to a setup document
  • How to install In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers
    IMPORTANT -1. Find Studs or Ceiling Joists before cutting hole, otherwise speaker won't install properly. If hole is to close to stud/ceiling joist then doglegs won't deploy. IMPORTANT - 2. Don't use a power drill/screw driver to deploy doglegs, it can break them off and destroy speaker. IMPORTANT - 3. Make sure to get wiring polarity correct (Black wire on Black and Red Wire on Red or + to + and - to -.
  • How to Install August Smart Lock Pro
  • Troubleshooting EZVIZ Camera Systems
    Troubleshooting Support Page TRY TROUBLESHOOTING LINK FIRST, CALLING TAKES LONGER Product Support Line 1-855-693-9849 ( Mon – Fri: 7:00AM – 6:00PM Pacific Time )
  • Troubleshooting Phillips Hue
    Support Page ONLY CALL IF YOU HAVE CHECK OUT ALL SETUP VIDEOS AND SUPPORT LINK, CALLING TAKES LONGER Support Line Opening times: 8AM-8PM EST Monday-Friday 1-800-555-0050
  • Installing Ring Spotlight Cam Solar in 15 Minutes
  • How to setup Philips Hue with Apple Homekit
  • How to link Philips Hue with Nest cam
  • How to install the Nest Hello video doorbell
  • How to Install Sonos Connect Amplifiers
  • How to setup Philips Hue with the Google Assistant
  • How to hard reset the Philips Hue bridge
  • How to setup Phillips Hue Home & Away routine
  • Thermostat Installation (Ecobee and More)
    This video is made by Ecobee but is a good instruction video going through the steps of how to install any thermostat safely.
  • How to install a Nest Cam Outdoor
  • Installing Ecobee Thermostat
  • Setting up Apple Homekit for Ecobee Thermostat
  • Setting up Sonos
  • How to install the 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat
  • How To Install Arlo Q Smart Home Security Cameras
  • Troubleshooting Harmony Hub
    Harmony Hub Support
  • Troubleshooting Lorex Camera System
    Support Page (with videos) ONLY CALL AFTER YOU HAVE CHECKED THE SUPPORT PAGE, CALLING TAKES LONGER Support Line 1-888-425-6739
  • Troublshooting Sonos
    CALLING TAKES LONGER, ONLY CALL IF YOU'VE LOOKED AT OTHER VIDEOS Support Number Mon-Fri - 10am-9pm ET 1-800-680-2345
  • How To Install Arlo Wire-Free Smart Home Security Cameras
  • How to install the Nest × Yale Lock
  • How to install Ring Video Doorbell 2: Wired Install
  • Harmony Hub Setup
  • Setting up EERO Pro Wi-Fi
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  • How to install Nest Secure
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  • How to install Surround Sound
    ATMOS 5.1 In-Wall 5.1 In-Wall
  • How to Install a Wired Camera System DVR
  • Setting Up Amazon Alexa on Sonos
  • How to install Nest Cam IQ Outdoor
  • How to Install a Sonos Connect (non-amplifed device) to a Reciever or Stereo Amplifier
  • Smart Light Manual Reset, Phillips Hue and More"
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